Biogera Farm LLC

Something I love about the Gainesville area is all of it’s hidden gems; one of these is Biogera Farms LLC, located in Lacrosse, FL. Gustavo Rebello and his young family own this 53- acre farm and believe in using sustainable farming methods to produce a variety of crops. Gustavo took me out for a personal tour and I’d like to share some of the things I learned about this amazing place!

Why weeds? As you can see in some of my images below, this farm is not the perfectly manicured image that one often thinks of. This is because Gustavo doesn’t use any herbicides or pesticides on his plants (except for the occasional neem oil). This allows some weeds to propagate as well. This produce is completely organic and chemical-free!


Their unique watering system saves 70% of water and 50% of power compared to a conventional farm of similar size. This reduces the farm’s ecologic impact!

See this funky blue plastic? It helps filter out certain wavelengths of UV light, letting the melons underneath grow naturally larger and sweeter!


  1. I lost track of how many different “experimental plants” Gustavo is currently growing right now. He’s constantly trying new things!


  1. These beautiful yellow flowers also serve Florida’s natural pollinators! When bees are thriving, so are we.


He delivers this produce to your doorstep- in Gainesville- for no additional charge (I believe orders have to be at least $15 worth though for Newberry or Jonesville)! You can also find him at various farmer’s markets. Please, please consider supporting this young farmer and our local economy. He will also be providing tours, so if you’d like to teach your children about what a sustainable farm is, please look at the contact info below.

Join his Facebook group to stay up to date on currently available produce and events:

“Like” and follow their FB page at:

Visit their website at:

Or email Gustavo at:


Lauli Designs Ad Campaign Part Two

Here’s the second half of the Lauli Designs ad campaign. Enjoy!

Lauli Designs doesn’t have a permanent website yet, but you can shop on Facebook at:

Also, as a thank you for following my blog and supporting both my small business and theirs, we’d like to offer my readers a 10% off code. Please use the code: LAULILOVE at checkout.

If you’re a small business owner and would like custom ads created for your business, please email me at I would be honored to help your business grow!

Lauli Designs Ad Campaign

As some of you may have seen, we had an opportunity for child models to be featured in an ad campaign a few weeks back. Some of the resultant pictures are in this post, but a little about the company first. Lauren and Liz, two sisters from Wisconsin, founded Lauli Designs to help support their families and to exercise their love of sewing and adorable children’s clothes. They create everything from custom tees, pants, cloth diapers, dresses, and more.

The three of us met online after I won an auction. I was so impressed with the quality of their maxaloones (kid’s pants that fit from 6 months to 3 years), that I immediately ordered more. After chatting for a bit, we started planning this campaign. We wanted adorable kids in an urban setting to showcase their bright, modern pieces. After receiving upwards of 50 applicants, Lauren and Liz had the very tough job of narrowing it down to 11 kids. They then created individual outfits for each child and then I photographed them in downtown Gainesville.

Lauli Designs doesn’t have a permanent website yet, but you can shop on Facebook at:

Also, as a thank you for following my blog and supporting both my small business and theirs, we’d like to offer my readers a 10% off code. Please use the code: LAULILOVE at checkout.

If you’re a small business owner and would like custom ads created for your business, please email me at I would be honored to help your business grow!

Home for Sale

A picture is worth a thousand words…that’s why professional photography is so very important when it comes to selling something of high value. Here are some photos of a home that is for sale in NW Gainesville; on the left are the original photos (I have the owner’s permission to post them here) and on the right are some of the photos that they had us take. If you’re in the market, I encourage you to check out this beautiful home!

Here’s the listing:

Child Models Needed for Ad Campaign

Hello lovely Gainesville friends! Do you have the *cutest* kid? Do you want the chance to get FREE photography and possibly even FREE clothes? If so, please apply to have your child model for us!

We are partnering with Lauli Designs, a clothing company run by two mamas who happen to be sisters as well. These ladies sew some amazing creations- I know, because I’m one of their best customers! They make everything from maxaloones (pants that will fit your baby from 6 months to 3 years of age) to cloth diapers to hoodies. Here is their FB page:

Here’s the deal: they need ads to grow their business and we are looking for kids to model the clothes. Children must be between 6 months to 6 years old, have transportation to and from the session, have parental permission (a release will be required before the child can participate), and availability the day and time of the shoot. If your child is selected, you will receive FREE copies of any images that are selected by Lauli, featured in ads, and possibly even get to keep the clothes they model.

The shoot is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 4th, from 9-11 am. This session will be in downtown Gainesville (specifics to be determined later). After your child’s part is over, you are free to leave. All children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at all times.

Email us at or message us on our business page on FB ( to apply. All that is needed to apply is a recent snap of your child in full light, their age, and that you are available the day and time of the shoot. Please no personal information, photos where children are not fully dressed, or multiple applications. Applications will be submitted to Lauli Designs and those selected will be notified. Thanks, and good luck!



New Year, New Us

2017 is going to bring a lot of changes in our business. We hope that you’ll join us for the journey as we step outside our comfort zone to create beautiful works of art! Though we’re still on vacation (see some pics below), we’ve been working hard to assemble a creative team for our new ventures. While not everything is finalized yet- details to come soon- we’ll say that we will be partnering with some incredible mom-run businesses this year!

We will also be trying to feature a “Business of the Month” starting in January. Our goal with this is to be more intentional about supporting other parent-run businesses (dad-run businesses are more than welcome to apply as well!). The selected businesses will be featured on our blog and receive free or discounted sessions in exchange for trade. If you would like to get photography and publicity, please drop me a line! January and February are already booked…but March-December is wide open!

Here are some of our vacation pictures. We’re loving our time out West and wish you a happy and healthy new year! See you soon!


Fall Update

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated; to say this is a busy season of life is a drastic understatement! God and our Gainesville community have blessed Water Bear Photography in a big way and we’ve been incredible busy. Additionally, we are leasing space for our first ever set of indoor mini-sessions! Incredibly all of our spots sold out within 36 hours of us posting about them…and here I was, terrified no one would one book. This has been a huge exercise in faith. Faith in God, faith in my community, and faith in myself.

It’s hard to see what will happen down the road, but if this lease goes well, WBP may have a permanent studio space! It’s my constant prayer that God uses this business not only to serve my family, but also the people of Gainesville. That it helps to build relationships, bring small businesses together, and foster trust. I hope that my clients know how much I think about them; once you book, you’re family! I cheer for your successes, pray over you, and always try to make you feel that your session is the most important one I’ve ever done (because it is!). Thank you, thank you to those of you cheering us on. I could never do this without you.

This picture below is from the Crafts and Coffee event hosted by Gator Fun 4 Kids at Buddy Creations in the Oaks Mall. I am fortunate enough to call the event organizer a friend, and she booked me to man their Fall photobooth. I had so much fun taking photos of sweet kiddos while getting to know more local mamas. 🙂



Foye Walker, Attorney at Law

We traveled to Lake City, FL, to take these shots of Foye Walker, Attorney at Law, in his office. I’m a big believer in taking the time to compose the shot rather than relying on post-processing to clean up images. To accomplish a sleek look, we cleared off his desk except for several carefully placed items and then played around with the lighting until we were happy. For photos against the black backdrop, W and Foye’s wife, Eileen, helped suspend it (much to my gratitude!).

Please let us know if we can help you update your headshots! They are crucial in providing a clean first image to your potential clients.

You can see more at:





Gator CPR

W, X, and I were privileged to go to Gator CPR to photograph their business for their new website. In addition to a tour of the facilities, we also got to witness several classes to capture some of the action! If you’re considering taking CPR, I highly urge you to check them out. Come learn life-saving skills while spending your night with a bunch of dummies (their words!)!