Williston Newborn Session

Being busy is fantastic, but it means that I don’t update regularly like I should. Here’s a sweet new family of three that I shot out in Williston, FL. Mama really wanted the shots of him on the airplane; her mom made the plane and her sister crocheted the hat. This shot also became one of my favorites and is hanging up on the wall of our studio!




Newborn Photos

Megan’s cousin and coworker organized this session for their family. I thought it was incredibly sweet of them and their other coworkers…especially since Megan missed her own baby shower due to her baby’s early arrival! I loved my time with this family. They seem so content and comfortable with their new addition already. Here’s some pictures of their beautiful baby girl.





Newborn Session

This sweet family just became even sweeter with the arrival of their newborn, Charlie. During the session, we found out that we have a LOT of similarities to each other; all four  of us attended Texas A& M and are in similar careers! It’s a small world…

Anyways, enjoy the photos! This session will be blogged in two parts: lifestyle and posed newborn photos.

Message us on here or Facebook if we can help you create a custom session for your family. We offer a special discount when you book both maternity and newborn session.





Newborn Twin In-Home Session

This session marked a lot of firsts for me; it was my first collaboration with a photographer other than W, my first time photographing twins, and my first in-home newborn session (though I’m hoping to start offering these sessions soon!) As such, it was a huge learning experience and I’m so grateful to Amy for allowing me to use her newborns as my models and to Dick Mace at Dick Mace Photography for being my assistant for this shoot. Sidenote: he’s a very talented photographer, check out his work at http://www.dickmace.com.


Baby Tristan

While still woefully inexperienced, one of my friends was so gracious as to allow me to take newborn photos for her. We made do with backdrops that consisted of dog-hair covered Moby wraps and swaddles, but all in all, I think they turned out pretty well. It helps to have such a cute model! Here’s Baby Tristan at two weeks old.

DSC_0120  DSC_0139  DSC_0040  DSC_0212