Cookie Monster Cake Smash

I am losing it, guys. Could have SWORN I already posted this one on here. Anyways, here’s adorable Baby W chowing down on his Cookie Monster-inspired cake smash! 1 cake and 4 boxes of cookies later, we were all sufficiently sugared up! Message me today if I can help you design the perfect cake smash set!


Williston Newborn Session

Being busy is fantastic, but it means that I don’t update regularly like I should. Here’s a sweet new family of three that I shot out in Williston, FL. Mama really wanted the shots of him on the airplane; her mom made the plane and her sister crocheted the hat. This shot also became one of my favorites and is hanging up on the wall of our studio!



Newborn Photos

Megan’s cousin and coworker organized this session for their family. I thought it was incredibly sweet of them and their other coworkers…especially since Megan missed her own baby shower due to her baby’s early arrival! I loved my time with this family. They seem so content and comfortable with their new addition already. Here’s some pictures of their beautiful baby girl.





FREE Announcement Picture

Something new that we are so excited to offer is a FREE announcement picture when your family is about to grow! We will come snap the perfect picture and edit it at no charge, so that you have a professional image to share your good news with. All you have to do to qualify is book a full-length maternity or newborn session.

At WBP, we are committed to family. This announcement picture can be a pregnancy, adoption, surrogate, etc. photo. We understand that there are lots of ways to grow your family in this day and age. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your excitement! 🙂



Newborn Session

This sweet family just became even sweeter with the arrival of their newborn, Charlie. During the session, we found out that we have a LOT of similarities to each other; all four  of us attended Texas A& M and are in similar careers! It’s a small world…

Anyways, enjoy the photos! This session will be blogged in two parts: lifestyle and posed newborn photos.

Message us on here or Facebook if we can help you create a custom session for your family. We offer a special discount when you book both maternity and newborn session.





Dealing with Failure

When it comes to things that we consider failed endeavors, we can either content ourselves with the results or we can come back to face it again at a later time. I often work with babies and small children so it’s always a toss-up how a shoot will go. Nine times of ten we can still get some great shots, but what happens when they’re in melt down city? We try again later.

Now a shoot with a crying baby isn’t exactly the end of the world, but I do believe it applies to bigger problems in life. See below. I tried to plan a 10 month shoot that I thought X would LOVE. It was outside, had bubbles, and water- pretty much everything he adores. Did he like it? Not one bit. In fact, out of over 200 images, this one was basically the only one that turned out OK. So I posted it to social media and it became one of my most popular images (I’m still baffled about it too). What I considered a failure, others adored.

I’ve recently fallen in love with this quote by Nelson Mandela, “I never lose. Either I win or I learn.” It’s so easy to get discouraged when we don’t feel like we’re making the progress we hoped or when we see others out-performing us, however, I love how the perspective can shift from failure to education with this mindset. Then, just maybe, next time the baby will smile for the camera.


Vintage 1st Birthday

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post, I’ve had a pretty nasty bug. On the mend now thankfully!

Here is Mr. D’s 1st birthday at the train station. This session took a lot of planning, but was completely worth it! I found an old vintage trunk (that I accidentally locked other props inside), made a “1”, and brought our antique push car to top it off. People probably thought we were crazy lugging it all around! Patricia did a phenomenal job styling everyone; she rocked a vintage polka-dot dress and bright red lips and the men looked dapper! Enjoy!