Biogera Farm LLC

Something I love about the Gainesville area is all of it’s hidden gems; one of these is Biogera Farms LLC, located in Lacrosse, FL. Gustavo Rebello and his young family own this 53- acre farm and believe in using sustainable farming methods to produce a variety of crops. Gustavo took me out for a personal tour and I’d like to share some of the things I learned about this amazing place!

Why weeds? As you can see in some of my images below, this farm is not the perfectly manicured image that one often thinks of. This is because Gustavo doesn’t use any herbicides or pesticides on his plants (except for the occasional neem oil). This allows some weeds to propagate as well. This produce is completely organic and chemical-free!


Their unique watering system saves 70% of water and 50% of power compared to a conventional farm of similar size. This reduces the farm’s ecologic impact!

See this funky blue plastic? It helps filter out certain wavelengths of UV light, letting the melons underneath grow naturally larger and sweeter!


  1. I lost track of how many different “experimental plants” Gustavo is currently growing right now. He’s constantly trying new things!


  1. These beautiful yellow flowers also serve Florida’s natural pollinators! When bees are thriving, so are we.


He delivers this produce to your doorstep- in Gainesville- for no additional charge (I believe orders have to be at least $15 worth though for Newberry or Jonesville)! You can also find him at various farmer’s markets. Please, please consider supporting this young farmer and our local economy. He will also be providing tours, so if you’d like to teach your children about what a sustainable farm is, please look at the contact info below.

Join his Facebook group to stay up to date on currently available produce and events:

“Like” and follow their FB page at:

Visit their website at:

Or email Gustavo at:


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