Lauli Designs Ad Campaign

As some of you may have seen, we had an opportunity for child models to be featured in an ad campaign a few weeks back. Some of the resultant pictures are in this post, but a little about the company first. Lauren and Liz, two sisters from Wisconsin, founded Lauli Designs to help support their families and to exercise their love of sewing and adorable children’s clothes. They create everything from custom tees, pants, cloth diapers, dresses, and more.

The three of us met online after I won an auction. I was so impressed with the quality of their maxaloones (kid’s pants that fit from 6 months to 3 years), that I immediately ordered more. After chatting for a bit, we started planning this campaign. We wanted adorable kids in an urban setting to showcase their bright, modern pieces. After receiving upwards of 50 applicants, Lauren and Liz had the very tough job of narrowing it down to 11 kids. They then created individual outfits for each child and then I photographed them in downtown Gainesville.

Lauli Designs doesn’t have a permanent website yet, but you can shop on Facebook at:

Also, as a thank you for following my blog and supporting both my small business and theirs, we’d like to offer my readers a 10% off code. Please use the code: LAULILOVE at checkout.

If you’re a small business owner and would like custom ads created for your business, please email me at I would be honored to help your business grow!


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