Fall Update

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated; to say this is a busy season of life is a drastic understatement! God and our Gainesville community have blessed Water Bear Photography in a big way and we’ve been incredible busy. Additionally, we are leasing space for our first ever set of indoor mini-sessions! Incredibly all of our spots sold out within 36 hours of us posting about them…and here I was, terrified no one would one book. This has been a huge exercise in faith. Faith in God, faith in my community, and faith in myself.

It’s hard to see what will happen down the road, but if this lease goes well, WBP may have a permanent studio space! It’s my constant prayer that God uses this business not only to serve my family, but also the people of Gainesville. That it helps to build relationships, bring small businesses together, and foster trust. I hope that my clients know how much I think about them; once you book, you’re family! I cheer for your successes, pray over you, and always try to make you feel that your session is the most important one I’ve ever done (because it is!). Thank you, thank you to those of you cheering us on. I could never do this without you.

This picture below is from the Crafts and Coffee event hosted by Gator Fun 4 Kids at Buddy Creations in the Oaks Mall. I am fortunate enough to call the event organizer a friend, and she booked me to man their Fall photobooth. I had so much fun taking photos of sweet kiddos while getting to know more local mamas. 🙂




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