Fall Update

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated; to say this is a busy season of life is a drastic understatement! God and our Gainesville community have blessed Water Bear Photography in a big way and we’ve been incredible busy. Additionally, we are leasing space for our first ever set of indoor mini-sessions! Incredibly all of our spots sold out within 36 hours of us posting about them…and here I was, terrified no one would one book. This has been a huge exercise in faith. Faith in God, faith in my community, and faith in myself.

It’s hard to see what will happen down the road, but if this lease goes well, WBP may have a permanent studio space! It’s my constant prayer that God uses this business not only to serve my family, but also the people of Gainesville. That it helps to build relationships, bring small businesses together, and foster trust. I hope that my clients know how much I think about them; once you book, you’re family! I cheer for your successes, pray over you, and always try to make you feel that your session is the most important one I’ve ever done (because it is!). Thank you, thank you to those of you cheering us on. I could never do this without you.

This picture below is from the Crafts and Coffee event hosted by Gator Fun 4 Kids at Buddy Creations in the Oaks Mall. I am fortunate enough to call the event organizer a friend, and she booked me to man their Fall photobooth. I had so much fun taking photos of sweet kiddos while getting to know more local mamas. 🙂




Sunday Family Session

When I first spoke to Tiffany on the phone, she told me that her family would be the easiest shoot ever. Well…she was 100% correct! Her son was such a joy to be around and cheerfully smiled and posed every time I asked him to. I’m seriously considering asking her if he can tutor X or something…

This family clearly has so much love and regard for each other. I love how it shines through in each of their photos.





Dealing with Failure

When it comes to things that we consider failed endeavors, we can either content ourselves with the results or we can come back to face it again at a later time. I often work with babies and small children so it’s always a toss-up how a shoot will go. Nine times of ten we can still get some great shots, but what happens when they’re in melt down city? We try again later.

Now a shoot with a crying baby isn’t exactly the end of the world, but I do believe it applies to bigger problems in life. See below. I tried to plan a 10 month shoot that I thought X would LOVE. It was outside, had bubbles, and water- pretty much everything he adores. Did he like it? Not one bit. In fact, out of over 200 images, this one was basically the only one that turned out OK. So I posted it to social media and it became one of my most popular images (I’m still baffled about it too). What I considered a failure, others adored.

I’ve recently fallen in love with this quote by Nelson Mandela, “I never lose. Either I win or I learn.” It’s so easy to get discouraged when we don’t feel like we’re making the progress we hoped or when we see others out-performing us, however, I love how the perspective can shift from failure to education with this mindset. Then, just maybe, next time the baby will smile for the camera.


Foye Walker, Attorney at Law

We traveled to Lake City, FL, to take these shots of Foye Walker, Attorney at Law, in his office. I’m a big believer in taking the time to compose the shot rather than relying on post-processing to clean up images. To accomplish a sleek look, we cleared off his desk except for several carefully placed items and then played around with the lighting until we were happy. For photos against the black backdrop, W and Foye’s wife, Eileen, helped suspend it (much to my gratitude!).

Please let us know if we can help you update your headshots! They are crucial in providing a clean first image to your potential clients.

You can see more at: wwww.foyebwalker.com





Vintage 1st Birthday

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post, I’ve had a pretty nasty bug. On the mend now thankfully!

Here is Mr. D’s 1st birthday at the train station. This session took a lot of planning, but was completely worth it! I found an old vintage trunk (that I accidentally locked other props inside), made a “1”, and brought our antique push car to top it off. People probably thought we were crazy lugging it all around! Patricia did a phenomenal job styling everyone; she rocked a vintage polka-dot dress and bright red lips and the men looked dapper! Enjoy!






Gator CPR

W, X, and I were privileged to go to Gator CPR to photograph their business for their new website. In addition to a tour of the facilities, we also got to witness several classes to capture some of the action! If you’re considering taking CPR, I highly urge you to check them out. Come learn life-saving skills while spending your night with a bunch of dummies (their words!)!