Mirror 9 Month Photos

I had the privilege of working with this beautiful little girl and her sweet mama last week. We decided to do a mirror session at the botanical gardens to celebrate her 9 month birthday. I just love her soulful eyes!








One Love Cafe

One Love Café is a wonderful, open-air restaurant in Gainesville, FL. They specialize in fresh, locally-sourced food and provide a beautiful venue in which to enjoy it! W and I did two sessions there; one during a busy Friday night when they had live music and the other on a quiet Saturday to photograph part of the menu. It’s a magical little place, and I definitely recommend it!

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Visit One Love and see more at: http://www.onelovecafefl.com

Newborn Twin In-Home Session

This session marked a lot of firsts for me; it was my first collaboration with a photographer other than W, my first time photographing twins, and my first in-home newborn session (though I’m hoping to start offering these sessions soon!) As such, it was a huge learning experience and I’m so grateful to Amy for allowing me to use her newborns as my models and to Dick Mace at Dick Mace Photography for being my assistant for this shoot. Sidenote: he’s a very talented photographer, check out his work at http://www.dickmace.com.