Katelyn and Cookie

I’ve been watching Jordan’s shop, Katelyn and Cookie, on Etsy for a long time. Since she has a little girl, she focuses mainly on creating {adorable} bows that I didn’t think X would be too enthusiastic about. However, when I saw these wooden teething necklaces, I was sold! I love that they’re adjustable, oh-so-comfy to wear, and versatile. Silicone ones are nice, but they’re constantly ripping my hair out and they look strange- in my humble opinion- if you wear one without having a baby in the nearby vicinity. With the wood beads, I can see myself wearing these long past the point when I have a teething baby.

Here’s my experience in a nutshell (no, I was not coerced to say this): they’re cute, well made, ship promptly, and X loves them. We’ll count it as a win! Oh, and she included a TON of extras with my order too; my favorite was the whale bibdana. I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

Check them out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/katelynandcookie




Lanibaby Cloth Diapers

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of shooting photos for Lanibaby Diapers, a new cloth diaper company in Gainesville, FL. These diapers have brought one mom’s vision to life! Andrea has worked tirelessly to create a fresh new design and let me say, we are in LOVE with ours! To learn more about her diapers and what makes them unique, check out her website at http://www.lanibaby.com.

This shoot was the most technically challenging one I’ve ever done. It was hot. It was buggy. There were ten babies. Let me repeat that, there were TEN babies. It was awesome! W helped out as my backup photographer and every single parent pitched in and it was a huge success!

Now that I run a local business of my own, I truly see the importance of supporting other local businesses. There are certain people who have breathed life and encouragement into me as a photographer and helped me grow SO much over the last few months. Now I want to do that for others. If we don’t support our friends, family, and local economy by supporting small business- who will? If you know of a local business that could use professional photography to take their advertisements to the next level, please think of me. Andrea, thank you for collaborating with me on this; it was a pleasure!

Enough talk, time to look at adorable babies in their Lanibaby diapers!!