Four Generations

The other day, I got the opportunity to photograph four generations of a family! The great-grandfather’s health is struggling and they really wanted to get pictures of him with the baby while he was still mobile. We met at the Baughman Center on UF’s Campus and were able to do a quick session while a young girl practiced piano in the background. Churches hold a lot of significance to Papa (the great-grandfather) so it was perfect!

Something I absolutely adore about taking photos of other peoples’ families is that it gives me a sort of window into their lives for a short while. It became very obvious to me how incredibly loved and revered each family member in this family is. I love that they took the time to coordinate this session so that baby B will grow up with pictures that show him how much he was loved by his Papa. Life is short and unpredictable. Take time to love your family well and stop to smile for the camera once in a while.







Though impromptu, this is one of my favorite pictures from Tuesday’s grandparent session. It shows Grandma changing baby Blake’s outfit while Papa gently cradles his head. Something about his Grandma’s nurturing coupled with his Great-Grandfather’s support just seemed to emphasize the bonds within this family to me. This is one cherished little boy.




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