Babywearing Photography

To say that becoming a mom has changed a lot about me is an understatement. A lot of them are predictable changes; I now have a deep and abiding love of elastic waistbands and appreciation for the mom bun/yoga pants combo. However, up until the end of my pregnancy I had no idea that babywearing was a “thing”. At this point, some of you are nodding sagely while others are left feeling the same way I did (huh?).

Remember how people used to tote around tiny dogs in their purses? This is like that but with the added benefit of close, skin-to-skin bonding with your child. After X and I struggled so hard to nurse (see my previous post, Breastfeeding Photography), babywearing became our special thing. It helped to forge that bond in those rocky first few weeks and is still a huge part of our daily lives (and how I accomplish 99% of tasks).

Recently, an Erizo handwoven wrap called “Mr. X’s Adventure” came to live with us. It was a custom piece designed by another mama for her own Mr. X. Her inspiration for the colorway? A cave diving photo by the late Wes Skiles (see below). When I saw this wrap existed, I had to have one for my Mr. X- it was just too perfect! As some of you know, W and I met due to our love of cave diving and our Mr. X is named for a famous cave diver and conservationist. This piece of functional artwork holds a special place in my heart and keeps my baby close to it as well.

cave diving






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